Pre-Wedding Hook Up

Sat, 02/23/2013 - 18:57 -- Anonymous (not verified)

It was a week before getting married. I was going to get married to the woman that I just spent 6 years with and I couldn't be happier. My family and friends were happy for me but I knew my friends wouldn't let me end my single blessedness just like that. I was actually a bit worried when one of them said that they would like me to end it with a bang. It was then that I found out that they were throwing a bachelor's party for me. I didn't know what to expect but knowing them, I was already thinking booze, wild party, nearly naked chicks, kinky games and sex. I wasn't really worried about the party itself. I was more worried about what would happen on it. Unfortunately, I couldn't take a rain check on it as they were preparing everything for me.

So, the day came and I was still a bit hesitant to be there. I haven't spoken to my wife to be in a week now and we both knew it was tradition to never see the bride before the wedding as it was bad luck. I wanted to ask her if she would approve of this but I thought that perhaps she had a bachelorette party of her own as well. I bravely went to the party and enjoyed myself but behaved myself as well. I didn't want to do anything that I would regret later on. As the party continued to ensue, the women arrived. They started performing a sexy dance in front of us and the striptease almost left them with nothing to cover their vital parts. Things were definitely starting to heat up.

After a silly drinking game, my friends suggested that it was time for me to play 7 minutes to Heaven. I laughed as I did not know what that game was but was surprised when they suddenly pushed me inside a room with a blindfold on. I stood there as they shut the door behind me. I didn't know what to expect. The room was quiet when suddenly sensual music bombarded my ears as it played in the background. I heard heels clicking on the tiled floor of the room. I couldn't help but swallow hard. I was nervous. Little did I know that in that dark room, my girl awaited. She wasn't naked but she was wearing one of the sexiest costumes I have ever seen her on.

She caressed my face and removed the blindfold covering my eyes. She bit a strawberry dipped in chocolate and she offered me to bit the other side as she gave me a searing kiss. She broke away from me as my hands and my eyes traveled from her head to her foot. Holy cow! She was wearing some fishnet stockings, some high heeled leather boots and a black Gothic style corset. I felt like my fantasy has come to life. I nearly salivated at the sight of her. She smiled at me wickedly as if she was able to read my thoughts. She leaned forward to kiss my cheek as she whispered something to me. “We only have 7 minutes to do this so let's seize this moment for us, shall we?” Her words ignited the passion in me and most of all the lust in me. I was hard within seconds. There was just something naughty about what we were about to do today. 7 minutes was short but it was better than nothing.

We were kissing passionately as we proceeded to the bed. She pushed me to the bed as she starts to crawl to the bed. She stops in front of my crotch and starts to bend down to use her teeth to unzip my pants. She then gave me the best blowjob she has ever given me. I nearly came inside her mouth but she withdrew her hot mouth and her wicked tongue before it happened. I then started to remove her black underwear and licked her sex. She was immediately wet for me and I knew that that was my cue to do whatever I wanted to do to her. So I positioned her on all fours and held on to my hard on, gently swirling its tip before I plunged it deep inside her. She moaned and I groaned. I haven't been that deep inside her in a long time as I missed her heat.

As I continued to enter her, I knew there was too much ground to cover and yet my time with her wasn't enough. I made a mental note to myself to explore every single detail during our honeymoon phase. I pulled out of her to place a condom in my hard on before hammering away inside her again. I came hard as she did as well. I kissed her and we both laughed. It was one of the best quickies we've ever had. I made sure her body was covered as we both opened the door to go out of the room. As we did, our friends suddenly cheered. She blushed despite the fact that she was in cahoots with them and I knew I did too as I felt embarrassed for thinking that they would do something to me that night that I would regret in the future.

We are now happily married and it has been two years. We are now expecting our first child together and oddly enough when I asked my wife about what she did on her bachelorette party, she simply said that her bachelor party wasn't as wild as her's. I didn't know whether to ask her what happened then or to just let it be but I guess, I should let it pass for ignorance is bliss. Besides, whatever happened then, happened before I married so technically, it wouldn't really matter. Would it?