My interest in older women fixed

Fri, 12/21/2012 - 16:06 -- Anonymous (not verified)

I have had a long time affliction for sexy older women for so many reasons its just not funny. I find them to be a very powerful human being and the ones who are truly sexy know it! I fully believe in the increased sex drive as a woman gets older and I also believe that a woman's sexual awareness increases. It becomes such an aphrodisiac, I also have a naughty streak and find it such a thrill if a woman is prepared to put something on the line in an effort to get her rocks off. I have fantasized about many older women through the years - teachers, wives next door, co workers etc., but never acted on it. I did however come to a stage that I wanted to knock this shit off the bucket list as it was getting to me. I didnt know how I was going to do this but the determination was there. I initially looked for the 'cougar' bars but thought that where I was living was a little unsuitable at the time as it was a little bit socially conservative. That being the case I decided to see if I could find like minded individuals on the internet and signed up for one particular site. I had read up on the sites and understood a couple of things 1) Guys are dominant on them - we think with our dicks too much it seems! 2) Being an asshole on them and sending cock shots is about as much use as an ashtray on a motorbike

Thus with my new found wisdom I decided I was going to be smart ass yet considerate towards the fairer sex - which in a way is true to what I was looking to be - if a woman wanted to have fun then I was only obliging and offering discretion while not expecting anything extra back in return. I signed up and sent some invites etc and didnt get to see much of a reaction, I then decided I would add a picture which I had been hesitant about. It was a recent one and I had the option to send it privately which I liked. It changed the site action from there on - gingers must attract a few! Regardless, one lady responded and was very smartass - along the lines of - if you want to fuck then you better be funny and your buying beers while also knowing who the fuck R Mugabe was (I'm a news whore so I could answer easily). She then gave me directions as to what bar to meet at and it went from there. She picked up on my accent quickly and told me it was very nice and then we chit chatted for a couple of hours while I viewed the sexual woman in front of me who matter of factly said I'm out here as my husband gives it to me once a year. I said - I'm not here to judge but do want to fulfill a need - she smiled and from where she was sitting at the bar she gently pulled her skirt up and opened the split to show me stockings and garters which instantly fucked with my head.

She eyed me up and said you like that dont you, I murmured IU sure do. We then went outside for her to smoke and I sat down behind her on a fairly secluded patio and began to run my hands up her legs teasing my way to the top. I made it to the sexy lace panties that were carrying a tight yet rotund ass - she told me she did yoga and ran 5 miles every day - I melted when I heard the yoga. She backed onto my hand a touch unseen and I massaged the panties and felt the heat through them which was incredibly sexy an made me really gag for it. Her confidence was amazing as she turned and said you want to fuck that dont you, again - it was all I could do to say I want to pound it but she laughed and said lets go. Got home with separate cars and took her inside and brought some beers down to the room. It was without hesitation I grabbed her from behind and threw her down on the bed - she yelped a little and said like it rough do we as she put her boot gently against my member and held it there warning me to be nice. She then started rubbing my shaft with it and driving me crazy while lifting her skirt to show me the complete package of white stockings/suspender and similar lacy panties. I was gagging for it and she asked if I had ever fucked a 47yr old - I said no but I had sure thought about it and she responded you better make it good - I have a need for some fucking and havent been fucked properly in 10 years annnnnnd wait for it 'when I was a stripper' - I just about came in my pants.

She had the works, plastic tits were incredible, she screamed and gave me the pornstar treatment when I bent her over while plunging my cock into her her perfectly waxed hole which was incredible to fuck. I pulled on that hair and talked filth in her ear and then threw her on her back and sucked on that pussy and rimmed her asshole for at least 30 minutes - it just melted into time. I had her sit on my face and keep the stockings and boots on while talking unimaginable filth and she first came there - grinding hard and fast to a wet sloppy dribbly cum which I lapped up. She decided the boots had to cum off and I said grab your ankles - the yoga kicked in and she lifted them back to her ears and exposed that pussy so well it was incredible. I massaged her asshole and then stuck my cock in that pussy and fucked it, she went reverse cowgirl on it, spooned and all the time screaming and talking filth. It was all I could do not to cum but I had to let it go and I began talking my own filth about cumming on her tits and having her clean my cock off after - she looked at me calmly and said - no - Im swallowing it - every last drop - I immediately grabbed her and brought her head to my cock and rammed my shaft in it and exploded pumping my seed as she just drank it down.

She knew she would send me over the top when she said it and boy was she right. I lay back down and realized we had been at it for a good 1.5hrs - I was pretty happy and she said I did a good job - butttttt there was one thing I didnt do enough of, I looked at her quizzically and knew straight away - she said I need my ass played with...