My Fun Night in the Fetish Room

Fri, 07/26/2013 - 22:56 -- Anonymous (not verified)

My wife and were meeting another couple that we had previously played with a week or two ago. By play, I mean we fucked them. They are going to a concert on Saturday, but invite us to join them at this swinger/sex club on Friday. They've gotten a hotel room and reserved a "VIP" area at the club. None of us have been there before, but we've heard of it and all wanted to go.

So we get there and get the tour from a sexy blonde waitress who can’t keep her eyes off my wife (that could have been its own story probably, but not what we were there for that night) - there is a side for couples to entertain a single guy or girl, the other side is couples only, no singles allowed, and in the middle is a larger area with a dance floor, tables and chairs, etc. This part is really just like a night club except that some of the girls are wearing next to nothing - or in some cases, less than that. But there is no sex allowed in the "common" area. Singles have to stay at the bar, and only women are allowed to approach others (to avoid creepy guy factor). Really a comfortable set up allowing you to take it as far as you want or as tame as you want.

Well, we sit in our separate little VIP area that has two love seat style couches and is roped off from the rest, its closer to the couple's side, but right up against the dance floor. The four of us are sitting on the one love seat, Me, my wife, other wife, and other husband. We're talking and hanging out, little flirting and touching, nothing big, just kind of enjoying the whole thing.

My wife and I go dancing a couple of times, as does the other couple. The other husband and I go to the bathroom, but when we get back girls have switched sides so that I'm next to his wife, and he is sitting next to mine. Ok, little buzzed so why not.

Well, a little flirting and touching turns into a lot of flirting and touching - and soon the waitress can't figure out who's with whom. She looks interested in this new development, but again, maybe we can go back and make that story sometime. Well, they have this fetish room at the club (the couples area is really a whole house worth of different rooms. Some with closed doors, some with no doors, one with a 1 way glass window so people can watch, but you can't see them, an upstairs room where the staff don't even go because it's the "orgy" area, and then there is the fetish room.

My wife has a interest in that stuff - think “50 shades of grey”. She doesn't want to live the sub/dom lifestyle, but she definitely likes being spanked (as you may have already read by a different story I posted).

So after things get a little heated up, My wife looks at me and says "I'd like to go check out the fetish room". Cool - me too, "Alright, let’s go". We get up and walk in there. It's empty except for a couple you could tell was just checking it out. It's not very big, but there are two thrones on the right and left back corners (presumably for blow jobs in a submissive way), a sex swing to the left, a love chair on the right, and in the middle of the back wall is a St. Andrews cross (really more of an X). We head straight for it, and the other husband and I, without even talking about it, tie my wife up - her wrists up high, her ankles down low. His wife is helping, but gets distracted by pushing my wife's dress up and rubbing her pussy.

He and I start pulling her tits out of her dress and taking turns spanking her. She's into full throttle now and loving every minute of the spanking, sucking her nipples, his wife has now started to lick her pussy from behind my wife while on her knees. I'm on the right, he is on the left – my wife is dripping wet from the spankings and his wife licking her. His wife all of a sudden turns towards me, pulls my cock out and starts sucking on it. At the same time, he pulls his out and gets behind my wife and starts fucking her while she's tied up. I'm still holding her hands to the wall while he is fucking her and my other hand is holding his wife by the hair as I make her suck my cock deeply.

I move his over to the love chair, lay her down and spread her legs over my shoulders, grab the back of the chair and start pounding into her. I look over and he has untied my wife and pushed her to her knees while he leaned back on the cross and she's blowing him like a porn star. I'm pounding into his wife and she cums loudly which drives me crazy and I cum almost immediately.

We get up and he walks my wife over to the same chair, but his wife and I bend her over it. I hold her hands over the back of the chair while his wife grabs her ass and hips and holds them for him. The three of us work together to fuck her and she's cumming over and over as he finally cums too. We all get up, get clothes back on and hair finger-brushed back into place or whatever - they have moist towelettes and stuff to clean up afterwards - but we have to wade through the crowd that has amassed to get to them. The people won't move out of the way exactly, it's like they want us to have to brush past them, but you can tell they enjoyed the show.

So we go back out and have some drinks before we decide to take the party back to the hotel... BUT THAT is another story.