My first time with another girl

Fri, 12/21/2012 - 16:09 -- Anonymous (not verified)

I was at a gay club, grinding like crazy with one of my guy friends, when this girl looked at me from across the dance floor, laughing. She was stunning. Brown hair swept across her face, deep blue eyes shining out from beneath. A Bohemian, windswept look to her, with such adorable femininity. I had no doubt in my mind that this girl was straight- a "fag hag", if you'll pardon the expression. But she seemed to be enjoying my ridiculous dance moves, and I was not giving a flaming crap about anything that night, so I extended my hand out to her and she joined me in a dance.

And this pretty little straight girl moved in closer. And closer. And closer.

Until I could see that this girl was no fag hag, but rather quite possibly the hottest lesbian in the country. And she had a British accent! We danced and talked and made out, and eventually she had to leave. I didn't think she'd be interested in anything more, and I almost sarcastically said "you can leave, but only when you've given me your number". It was then that I realised she already had her phone out.

Last week, she ended up coming back to my place. And it was awesome. I couldn't believe how much hotter she is without clothes. It's amazing. She is incredible. I wish I could paint a picture with my mind and project it onto the sky for all the world to see. This level of beauty should not be kept a secret. Dear God.

I can be a pretty awkward person, so when we got to my room I said "I can give you some pyjamas if you want". She replied with "only if you're offended by me being in my underwear", and stripped down to bra and underpants. I was already wet when she crawled into bed next to me. She has the softest, perkiest breasts. And got so incredibly wet. It's funny, you think you know all about your gender and your body, but there's so much to learn just by being on the other side! I had no idea we get that wet! And feeling her cum was absolutely incredible! Her entire body shook, and with my fingers inside her I could feel her pulsing. She cums so easily, it's amazing.

I made her cum once by going down on her, then once again with my fingers, and again in the morning, and she gave me the best head I have ever received. She's beautiful.