My Accidental Prom Date

Sun, 03/17/2013 - 16:04 -- Anonymous (not verified)

The prom is probably one of the most important events in a teenager's life. I was not really interested in the prom as I knew that nobody would ever my partner in the dance anyway. But going to the prom was essential and even an outcast like me knew that. So, I got ready for the dance thinking that my night would suck but I gave it chance. Being there without a partner was boring. I kept on eating and drinking until I can't anymore. The night was young but I had to leave. It was too much to bear. I drove my car away from the venue that night and then suddenly from a distance, I saw a woman walking in a dress. She looked like my age and she seemed to be running away from the prom. I decided to give her a ride. She ignored me at first but eventually when her senses hit her, she got on my car and thanked me for giving her a ride.

The venue was far from where I lived and the awkward silence was broken when she started telling me a story about what happened to her this night. She was desperate and when she was asked to be on a date with one of the handsomest man in school. She was happy. She prepped herself up for him. When they got to the prom, he left her saying that he will just get them some drinks but her curiosity got the best of her. She went to the bathroom and saw him with another woman. She was beautiful and laughing in his arms. It was only then did she realize it was all a lie. She found out that they made a bet out of her to make her come with him to the prom. She escaped the prom then. She has had delusions of a man taking away her virginity that night. Only because it was a ritual for many teenagers. It never really crossed my mind but here I am in a car with a lovely girl who wants to offer her virginity to me. Or at least, I am assuming that she might.

I stopped the car in a gas station pretending to refill my tank. I thought about it hard and when I got back into the car with some drinks and snacks, I told her my idea. She fell silent after that. She looked at me suspiciously and after a moment of consideration, she smiled. We drove to a nearby motel and we were both nervous when we got to our room. We decided that a quick separate shower would be enough to relax us up. I have always imagined my first time to be with someone that I loved but since I am here now, I am psyching myself up for the best night of my life. I bought a condom at the store earlier which I don't know how to put on but I know how to use based on the many hentais I have watched. As soon as we were both sitting on the bed, I took the first move forward and asked permission to kiss her. She let me.

Our lips touched tentatively and as soon as we were in the moment, we found ourselves getting lost in our lust. We were careful not to rip any of our clothes off but everything happened so fast. The next thing I knew, I was wearing my condom and humping her as if there was no tomorrow. I have become rough on her and insensitive of her feelings. I forgot that it was her first time but eventually, after a few tears, she was moaning in pleasure loudly. As we finished the first round, we were both panting. We both could not believe what happened. We were both officially not virgins anymore and after an hour of just lying there, we were back to being on top of each other. This time, she was ready to ride me. It was a night that we will never forget. We went home happy and sexually sated. We saw each other in school the next day and from there, we became partners. We are both in college now and we are still together. I will never forget my unexpected prom date. I bet she won't either.