Lost control with an older man [M]38 [F]29

Sat, 08/24/2013 - 21:25 -- Anonymous (not verified)

It was our sixth meeting (or date I guess) and we had been getting on very well. I felt comfortable being in his home and on this night we need to dry off. We had been drinking in town at a nice wine bar sat outside in the sunshine but the wind had picked up and it soon became overcast, leading to rain. As we walked briskly together back to his place, we had no umbrella and I was wearing high heels, so we weren't making much ground. He made me laugh about it and I felt better about looking damp, I was wearing a sky blue, pleated short dress that showed how wet I now was. He put his arm around me a few times, reassuring me I looked fine and in the warmth of the humid air it made me feel content, I had goosebumps at times, it must have been something to do with the rain and humidity that was making me horny. But I tried to ignore that for now.

We made it back just in time as It started to downpour. We quickly got inside and I went straight to the bathroom to check my makeup. thankfully none of it had run, I felt glad I don't wear much. I briefly used a towel on the door to dab my hair, thighs and arms dry, I was warm enough as it was a humid evening, the dress was still too wet though. I took off my thong and stuffed it into my bag, it just felt awful by now, I don't like wearing them much and now it was damp, it was just plain wrong. I entered the kitchen where he was making tea for us, I didn't feel like standing with no underwear on now, I sat at the breakfast bar on a stool, very aware I would mark the faux leather if I didn't sit on my dress correctly.

He asked me if I needed a hairdryer or some clothes, I told him I was fine. I was very tempted by a nice big jumper but now I felt uncomfortable not wearing underwear. I think he could tell I didn't accept out of embarrassment but for now I was just avoiding that conversation. He placed my tea in front of me and came behind me, he lightly took a handful of my hair with the other hand and laughed at how wet it was being Mediterranean with curls it holds water quite well.

The light pressure pulling on my head was enough to arouse me and instinctively I turned my head and met his gaze. I'm pretty sure that look said it all and he came closer behind me and put both hands on my shoulders. I looked forward at my steaming tea cup as he talked to me about drying off or wearing a jumper of his, I can't remember much as I was literally sodden on the chair by now. I moved my pelvis back slightly and pressed against him, we had kissed once before quite passionately so I didn't mind being this close to him, he wasn't pressuring at all.

He came closer and kissed my neck and that was enough to send everything into overdrive. I didn't need any foreplay, all I could think about was having what I wanted, I was consumed by this feeling and reached behind me. I grabbed a handful of his thigh and he lightly bit my neck. I put one hand up and around his neck, one hand was exploring anywhere I could. He is dark haired, about 6ft and well built, not a gym freak but just a nice frame, his strong arms felt good caressing me.

From here I didn't know what to do, should I stand up? Should I swivel around on the stool to face him? He dropped both hands and cupped both of my cheeks which were hanging off the edge of the stool, his little finger lightly brushed my soaked slit as he pulled them back up. He breathed deeper near my neck and pushed himself against me. I tried my best to unzip him but struggled with the angle. He did that himself and asked me if I wanted that I pulled his neck a little closer and he took the signal. I let him enter me like this, arching my back to allow him to take me. He had no trouble giving me his whole manhood, he slipped back and forth several times before he stood upright and moaned loudly. He put both hands on my shoulders again and I leant forward giving him a good view. His strokes were long and powerful, his hands gripped me tighter around my neck and shoulders. I couldn't feel much past my knees by now, I had gone into a trance of some kind just taking him deeper each time and forgetting myself for a moment. I was a little embarrassed at first as his cock was stretching me out and making noises as he drove into me. I was so wet, I could feel the warmth running under my thighs and I had definitely ruined his stool by now, I soon forgot about the embarrassment though as I felt him swell inside me. When I thought he was about done he stood up and slowly slipped out of me, I could feel how big he had been when he did, the wine certainly helped me loosen up. I turned around and he helped me up, holding my shoulders. He moved his hands to my hips and then down further, picked me up and carried me facing him towards the sofa. He laid me down gently and I hurriedly lifted my dress off as the damp cloth wasn't helping. With one long deep stroke, we both watched his cock disappear inside me. I couldn't believe how good this was feeling and it didn't take long before I felt that tingling feeling flow through me. I grabbed his forearms tightly as he held me by the waist and gave me everything, he made every stroke count and I loved the feeling of his ribbed manhood every time he impaled me. At my peak I tried my best not to wake the neighbours, he didn't slow down and I couldn't stop him, I soaked his sofa and him as I shuddered underneath him.

His breathing was intense as he approached climax, he looked me straight in the eye and smiled and I knew he must be close by now. But he wasn't. He pulled at my hips so I slid down the sofa I slid off the end of the sofa and was now in a seated position on the floor. I couldn't believe he had got me to go this far but by now I was running on adrenalin and had tingles all over my body from before. I took his now huge cock in my right hand and held his right thigh with my left. Being as low as I was I licked him from the base, all the way to the tip as I got to the peak, a warm salty taste fell on my tongue. I put my lips over him and slowly work his shaft back and forth. I moved my hand to his balls, they had been much lower before but now they were high and tight. I put my other hand up his stomach and could feel him tense up, it wasn't long before he released it all in my mouth, trying not to keel over. I swallowed once and then had to swallow again as I felt his balls contract and release. I had to take my mouth off his cock and breathe which tasted now only of warm salty cum. I finally gave in and asked him for a jumper to wear as all of the sweat was making me feel chilled by now. We sat on the damp sofa, giggling like teenagers now and then about how we both lost control.