Ladies' Confessions: My Valentine's Day Affair

Fri, 02/15/2013 - 14:26 -- Anonymous (not verified)

I have been known for being conservative. I always go to work wearing clothes that aren't too revealing. I wear less make up and wear eye glasses. I always tie my hair up in a bun or in a ponytail. Many people think that I will be forever alone and that I will die single with a broken heart but what they don't know is that I am actually the actual opposite of my sexual self. At work, I like to keep things professional. I don't like it when people distract me while doing something. This is why I decided to have a different image at work and outside work. I have been successful in hiding my wild side all this time and I do not intend to reveal it anytime soon. So, when Valentine's Day came and I was available, I grabbed the opportunity to go on a speed dating event. I just broke up with my boyfriend a month or two ago then and I wasn't really looking for anything too permanent especially since my last boyfriend was such a keeper. It was hard for me to get over him but I knew I had to move on. After all, I was getting hornier as the days pass me by. I needed to relieve myself from this so called itch but I was cautious since I didn't want it to happen with just anyone.

On the event, I decided to deceive the men who will be attending them by attending in my usual conservative self. Of course, I know it will be quite a turn off for many men but I considered it to be a challenge. At the event, many men didn't pay attention to me. Many of them didn't even want to know my name or get my number. I wasn't really in the mood to stay longer. So, I decided to ditch the event and go to the bar nearby. While inside the loo, I removed my blouse and replaced it with my strapless top which was underneath. I removed my pencil cut skirt and changed into my black skinny jeans. I removed my hair from my bun and let my long hair loose. I ditched my eyeglasses and replaced them with my contact lenses. I put on some makeup and put all my things inside my car before hitting the club nearby. I went to the bar and ordered a drink. It wasn't long before a tall guy with a really great smile approached me. We talked for hours over drinks and it wasn't long before I started getting tipsy. He obviously knew it so he offered me a ride home. I didn't mind. I knew it was risky to just go with a stranger but I figured I got nothing to lose. He was devilishly handsome after all and I was starting to get really hot due to all the alcohol in my system.

He assisted me inside the car and went to the driver's seat. As he started the engine, I felt his eyes looking at him. I smiled at him and felt my hand go to his right knee. I couldn't believe I encouraged him to drive me somewhere where we could talk in private. Obviously, he already knew where to go after that. He took me to a nearby fancy hotel. It was one of the most expensive ones nearby. He even picked out a themed room which I did not expect. He assisted me out of the elevator and inside the room. Inside, I felt my knees growing weak so he carried me to the bed. There I pulled him close to me and as his weight was on top of me, I felt his hot breath on my face. I was intoxicated and so was he but we both didn't care. I kissed him with my eyes closed. His tongue went inside my mouth tentatively. It swirled inside me and I fought back. It wasn't long before we were kissing each other torridly. We were breathless as we stopped locking lips but the heat was too much to bear. It was not long before my fingers found the buttons of his shirt while his fingers found the zipper of my blouse. My hands slid inside only to feel his rock hard muscles. I was not wearing a bra underneath which made my breasts bear to him right away. I was so aroused that my nipples were immediately hard for him. He couldn't help but suckle them as he fondled them.

I moaned in delight. He was on top of me and was in control of the situation. I let him. I didn't want to be in control this night after all. He was an expert at undressing me. I was without my jeans in minutes. Only my black thin lace panties held in between him and me. I could feel his erection bulging underneath his pants. It grew before me. I licked my lips tentatively as I felt myself wanting to taste it. I whispered to him that I wanted to see it. He unraveled his package in front of me. He was proud to show it. I couldn't help but hold on to it to stroke it. He groaned as I did. His balls were growing heavy and so were his eyelids. He was aroused just like me and things were getting heady. He bit out a curse and before I could perform foreplay on him, his mouth found my slit. I gasped at the contact. His tongue was hot and was bold. He licked me slowly at first as the lace was still intact. He couldn't get enough of my taste that he ripped my panty. I was shocked but didn't say a word. I needed him some more. He licked me more savagely this time and as I continued writhing in bed, he plunged his fingers inside of me as he continued claiming me. I moaned loudly in release.

I moved to his aching shaft and thought he deserved some loving. I gave him the best blowjob he has ever had. It was so good that he came inside my mouth and like a good girl in bed that I was, I swallowed it all. This act made him more aroused. He pushed me to bed which hurt a bit but I didn't mind. He made me go down on fours as he said he wanted to take me from behind. I wasn't into anal sex so he decided to do it with me doggy style. I didn't know he was into a little bit of pain and pleasure but I found out immediately as he got carried away. He kept on slapping me from behind as well as holding on to my hair. I was so aroused that I kept on asking for more. As we both climaxed, I felt my body become sore. We both sagged in bed, tired from doing our naughty deeds. After a few hours of saying nothing in bed, we rose, took a shower together and dressed up as if nothing happened. It was one of the best experiences I had in a while and as he drove me back to the parking lot where my car was parked, I felt different. I knew I had to see him again. Good thing, he was the first to ask for my number as he said he wanted to treat me out on a real date next time.

That was the first Valentine's Day one night stand that I had in a long time and I am glad I did it. Why? Because now, we are exclusively dating and I couldn't ask for a better person to be with. I just need to learn how to hide our love bruises well whenever I go to work everyday especially since I still don't want to blow my cover.