Jacked off in front of my sexy roommate

Fri, 12/14/2012 - 15:55 -- Anonymous (not verified)

I know this isn’t as "wild" as all the other stories I read on here, but here goes... About a year ago, I was in a decent relationship with a short beautiful blonde and living together with her and her nursing school roommate who I will call J. I am no longer with the blonde girl, but while I was there, I would catch glimpses of J coming out of the shower before my blonde would come home.

J was half Mexican and Asian and had dark skin with a beautiful round face, perfect skin, tight ass and tiny titties. I would admire her as she stepped to her room with her back to me and her hair damp and towel barely covering her ass. There would be times I thought about sneaking a peak but that involved me being a little bold. One night, after my girlfriend came home from work on a Friday, I was looking forward to going out and grabbing some drinks. The girlfriend was tired from work and school and went to bed after taking some Ambien. I knew the Ambien knocked her out cold so I decided to get to drinking. I called J and said come home and drink with me and play some X-Box. She obliged and came home from her friends and we proceeded to put a few back. Somehow the talk of this guy’s dick J was seeing came up and she told me it was alright. Now, I have always wanted to be sort of an exhibitionist and flash my dick to people, but I suppressed it and never did anything with those thoughts. I said to J that she shouldn’t just be dealing with an alright dick. I asked J if she thought his dick could be bigger than mine. She said probably not but she would never know. I felt my heart flutter a little and I saw my way in. I told J, you can take a look at mine and see if you think it’s better. Without her even skipping a beat, she said yea. So I reached down into my basketball shorts and pulled it out. I wouldn’t be surprised if she already knew what I was thinking because my shorts looked like a circus tent from my hard dick. I didn’t even have to stroke my dick or anything because it was already so hard at the thought of showing it off to her. I pulled my throbbing dick out and stroked it for her and squeezed it fairly hard to make it look even bigger than it was. I have to say, my dick is nothing to great, about 6.5 inches, but that night, I took my cock out and it felt like 9 inches. She looked at it and mouthed "holy fuck". I guess that was good, right? I proceeded to stroke it for a little while than got a little self-conscious and put it away. The whole time it was out, J was staring at it, and I just admired her face and it felt so fucking good and I felt so turned on that I wanted to jack off right then and there, but I went back to the kitchen and poured us another drink. About 20 minutes later, J and I went out back to smoke a cigarette. While back there, I asked her to rate my dick since she had finally seen it. J informed me it was a 9 out of a 10. I felt so good, I pulled it out again. She would not stop looking at my veiny throbbing cock. I asked J if it was ok for me to jack off in front of her because she turned me on so much. She said she wanted to watch so bad since I first took it out.

I pulled my shorts down a little more, and she took a seat on the back porch. Mind you it is late at night, lighting is low, and temperature is cool yet comfortable. I start to slowly stroke my dick, and she asks me if it feels good. I said it felt so good. Do you want to feel how hard you make my cock? J didn’t say anything but she reached to my dick so fast and grabbed ahold. I thought I might bust right there when she squeezed it but I flexed hard. She stroked it for a few minutes and then she let go and told me to cum. I started to stroke it as fast as I could and I noticed that her hand was playing with herself. I thought about what her pussy looked like and how tight that hole would be. I told her I was going to cum for her. J said cum for me in a whisper. Her purring voice sent me over the edge as I felt the wave building and I let out a little moan and the most I have ever shot came out. It felt like I was pissing cum and it felt so good. She was so impressed that I came so much and reached back up to my dick and squeezed what little cum was left in me out.

J excused herself because she said she had to do the same thing to herself. It caught me off guard and I didn’t even think about asking if I could watch. I wish I would have thinking back now because I’m 99 percent sure she would have let me watch, possibly even more. I have since moved out of there and only talk to her on text and I would love to do this again, but I am in a serious relationship now and must suppress this exhibitionism again, but at least I lived it out once.