Fri, 12/28/2012 - 00:34 -- Anonymous (not verified)

I have never been the perfect neighbor but God knows I have tried several times. It is just that sometimes some people don't really get my drift so in the end, I just avoid them and go back to minding my own business. However, this new neighbor of mine seems to be different from my other neighbors for many reasons. One, he looks like he is lonely. Two, I heard he was single. Three, he looks really hot. Since I have been single for a year now, I realized that it was about time to put myself out there and try once again. Who knows if he will be my next lover?

So, I strolled out of my apartment wearing my tight mini skirt and my tank top revealing a generous amount of my cleavage. Sure, I look like I was really asking for it but it wasn't like he would end up jumping me just by seeing me. I rang his doorbell, fidgeting as I waited for him to open it. I was nervous as I did not want to come on strong. Holding on to a plate filled with my freshly baked cupcakes, I patiently waited. I heard someone opening the door. I held my breath as I hoped for the best. Luckily, he opened the door. I just never expected to see him sweaty and half naked. He was wearing a pair of shorts, his breath was heaving as I gape as his bulging muscles welcoming me inside his home. I had to forcibly stop myself from eyeing him as if he was a delicious plate of food laid out before me.

“Hi! I heard you were my new neighbor. I just came to welcome you here.” I croaked. He smiled.

My knees felt like Jell-O. I felt like I was melting. He had a gorgeous smile. He looked gruff as I could see some of his stubble present in his chin. I have never been attracted to the whole rough look before but this man just had me drooling over him. He made me enter his home and made me sat on the couch. I gave him the cupcakes which he put on the table across from where I sat. He offered to give me something to drink and decided that coffee would do. He came back to the living room with a small towel and a fresh shirt along with my cup of coffee. Seeing him wearing a shirt only made me groan as I didn't want to not ogle him. We talked for hours, laughing as we talked about so many random things. I realized he was happy go lucky and that he had just moved back to the country. Apparently, he has lived abroad for two years and now wants to start a new life here. I offered to show him around whenever I was free and he graciously accepted it.

It was lunch time and by now, they both felt hungry. Being a good host, he decided to invite her for lunch. He knew how to cook and he offered to cook some pasta for me. I have a soft spot for men who can cook and basically, how could I refuse? After flipping over some channels and trying to distract myself from the smells that came from his kitchen, I settled for a romance movie. When he got back from the kitchen, he was ready with some lasagna and the smell was to die for. I wanted to kiss him, not just because his apron said kiss the cook, but also because no man has ever cooked for me before. He sat beside me and we ate to our hearts' delight. He poured us some wine as we sat comfortably on the couch.

As the movie continued to play, we realized our conversation started to turn out to be more personal than earlier. Our bodies were closer now than earlier as well. His scent made me shiver. His heat was intense. His breath was so near me that when it brushed my skin, I felt like I was ready for him. The wine was affecting my judgment somehow and I could feel my legs brushing against his. He smiled at me and before I knew it, our lips already met with a desire that both of us cannot sate. His lips were urgent and his kiss was aggressive. I opened my mouth for him, making sure he was able to access all of me. Our wine glasses forgotten on the table, we both rolled on the couch as I comfortably laid under him. His warmth was enough to make me want him, need him. His kisses were more intense now, more passionate. He gave and I received. I gave and he greedily received.

His hands roamed freely on my body. I let him touch me everywhere. He groped my behind as he raised my skirt gently. When he felt like it wasn't working, he unzipped it and let the material slide off my legs. I kicked it on the floor as I continued to kiss him like my life depended on it. He slid his fingers inside my heated core, immediately sinking two of them inside of me. I moaned in ecstasy as my wetness welcomed him. The heat of his fingers matched my own. I was willing and wanting. In and out his fingers sank inside of me, I couldn't help but arch my back as we continued to kiss. He broke away as I came hard on his fingers. He looked at me hungrily as I panted on his coach, nearly naked and partially sated. He had an evil gleam in his eyes and I loved how wicked he looked.

He started stripping before me as he asked me to strip for him as well. The distance between us seemed like nothing as he closed that distance and started kissing me once again. His lips went from my mouth down to my neck then to my beading nipples and my aching breasts. He remained there for a while. I trembled as he pleasured me. His ever lick and suck made me gasp. He grazed his teeth on them which only made my body quiver with want. His lips kissed my belly and then lower and lower it went. It hit me that his agenda was my sex. He asked me to spread my legs as far apart as possible as I sat on the edge of the couch. I obeyed like his slave and he my master. His tongue plunged inside my heated core, making my cry out his name. I held on to the couch as he continued his sensual assault, his tongue masterfully licking me and pushing in and out of me. He used two of his fingers next as both of them generously filled me. For a moment I was lost and I came hard on him once more. He licked every last drop of come that he had on his mouth.

He stood before me, his erection massive and twitching. He needed me and I couldn't help myself from sucking him and blowing him. I was on my knees pleasuring him as his fingers dug into my hair. He held me in place as I continued to work on him. I have never done an intense blowjob in my life and here I was excelling at it. Before he came, he held me in place and asked me to stop. He took a packet of condom and ripped the foil revealing the material and then, quickly rolling it on to his hard on. I took the initiative to bend down as I held on to the couch, making sure he sees my wetness. He neared me and held on to my waist, puncturing me with his cock as I moaned louder this time. He groaned as he built his momentum. As he picked up speed, we were both panting and sweating, ready for release. He looked up the ceiling as he roared. His release broke free from him as mine exploded for him. We both sagged on to the carpet, quiet and lost for words.

It was my first time to ever have a one night stand and frankly speaking, I do not regret it. We still see each other often but we are not in a relationship. Let's just say for now, we are friends with benefits and for now, things are looking pretty good for both for us. We certainly will never forget that day. For it was a day of firsts for both of us.