Fun Wedding ;) (mmf)

Sat, 08/17/2013 - 19:34 -- Anonymous (not verified)

This is a story about my GF and I (both 26) going to a wedding of a friend she had not seen in years, but had always been close with. It still is one of my favorite nights we ever had. I'll try to make this short.

So we are heading up to this wedding a few hours away and we are horny already and she is flashing few truckers on the way, just tits, but they are amazing so that was a nice start.

We get there and are sharing a hotel with one of her girlfriends in the wedding that she has not seen in years. Right off the bat they hit it off again and are drinking and having fun, her friend is there with a random guy cuz she needed a date, and we are all sharing a hotel room with two beds.

Fast forward to reception and everyone is getting shit-faced, and we are getting along pretty well with our new roommates, even though the guy was a little shy. Eventually we get back to our room, and much of the wedding party had decided to go swimming (midnight almost, we were at a resort) and we were going to go with them. Thats when the fun got started;)

My GF looks at me and smiles, and goes over to her friends side of the room and starts looking thru her bathing suit tops on the ground, right in front of the guy, and smiles at him and asks him 'which one white, or black" holding them up over her shirt. He looks at me quickly kinda sheepishly but I am smiling not really paying attention, flirting w. the other girl, so he smiles and says black.

Not missing a beat, I call bullshit and say white cuz her skin is tan and they look great together. Right away my gf starts to take her little dress off, revealing matching turqoise bra/panites, standing 2 feet from this guy. His date laughs as she goes into the bathroom with her black bikini, leaving the three of us alone in the room.

I am changing too, so I turn around to find my suit, and in the mirror I see her staring this kid in the face, and smiling her little sexy smile, she starts to take her bra off while talking to him. You should of seen this look on this kids face, he couldn't believe this was happening.

So there she is, just standing tits out(they are amazing, she's a 10) right in his face, talking, messing with the bathing suit top, flirting, and she eventually turns around, and grabs some lotion from her bag on the floor in the middle of the room and starts to lather up her amazing tits. I could see this kid getting hard as he was just laughing and staring.

After she finishes putting lotion all over her tits while facing him, (other girl still in bathroom its been less than a minute) she turns around, and looks at me and smiles her best whore-ish smile. She is now facing me, and holding the bottle of lotion, and she bends down to put it lotion back, but instead of standing back up, she just stayed there, bent over, thong and ass right in the guys face, and she starts to slowly pull her panties down, revealing her AMAZING, tiny little shaved pussy. (she is about 5'4'', petite, with an amazing little pussy to boot, I will link a pic if the response is right ;) all while looking at me and basically telling me she's in the mood to show off her lady bits.

She turns over her shoulder and looks at this kid, practically drooling, and just smiles, and goes down to the ground, on her hands and knees, pretending she's looking for stuff out of her bag, but really just getting down showing off her pussy and tight little ass.

This goes on for a few seconds, but I hear noise from the bathroom and look at the door as her friend has got to be almost done by now, and she gets the hint and grabs the bottoms she was 'looking for' in her bag, and quickly pulls them on, just before the girl comes out.

She comes out, and laughs that she is there with her tits out, and is also pretty drunk and comments how awesome her boobs are they start to joke and flirt, as my GF puts her top on, we all get ready to go. That was the end, I thought............

We go down to the pool, and it is closed as its so late, but we jump the fence and take a quick dip, but quickly get booted by the hotel staff that was already on the lookout for our wedding party.

So after we get kicked out, we meet up with others on our floor, and start taking shots. This continues for an hour or so, into the wee hours of the night. This kid and the girl are clearly not interested in each other in any major way, and he is just hanging around my gf ALL NIGHT, which I love cuz he clearly is thinking about her little pussy and tits all night.

Its getting pretty late, and the girls says she's going to bed, and asks her date to come, we say fuck that were still drinking and he obviously decides to stay with us. So we keep drinking, and run out of booze, and go on a hunt around the floors our wedding is on for more booze, at like 330 am.

As we are walking up around, my gf (now SHITFACEDDDDDD lol) starts pulling up her skirt as she walks in front of us and showing her ass and dancing, making us both laugh. We make it to the stairwell and she's walking up first, but something comes over her as she hits the landing halfway up, and she just stops, grabs the railing, bends over and hikes her skirt up, showing her perfect little pussy to me and this kid, and anyone else in our wedding patry about to be in that hallway.

I couldnt take it anymore, i walked right up, and felt her smooth pussy right on the staris, and reached around and grabbed her tits pushing up behind her. I needed to fuck her, so I whisper in her ear that we are going to cum on her, and she pushes back and groans a little sound of excitement. She turns over her shoulder and looks at the guy, just staring, and we smile and say lets head back to the room.

His date is PASSED OUT when we get back, so she has no idea I am making out with my gf and grabbing her tits while this guy just sits on the bed and watches. She eventually starts to grab my cock and pulls it out and starts sucking on it, I tell her face her pussy towards him while she's doing and she does immediately, I can see he is rubbing himself over his bathing suit. I nod to my gf to look, and she looks back at him, my cock in her mouth, her pretty shaved tan little pussy staring him right in the face, and she just says, "Cum on my pussy while I suck his cock".

I absolutely could not believe my ears, as my gf is fun, but its 99% all talk usually, and never goes beyond teasing. The guy practically runs over and starts jacking off on his knees right behind my gfs pussy. She keeps reaching back between her legs to grab his cock and rub the tip on her pussy. I came almost right away at this point, but I didn't say it out loud as I wanted to watch her, and she loves getting cumming with hot cum in her mouth, so I just waited.

Not too long before he shot his cum all over her ass and pussy, and she let out a huge 'hmmmmmmmmmm' as her mouth was still full of my cock and cum. She grabbed his cock and squeezed its last drops onto her pussy and ass, and began rubbing the cum in so she could get her much deserved cum soaked orgasm. It didn't take long with hot cum dripping off her and a fat cock covered in it in her mouth, and she quickly pushed her ass in the air, and her face in carpet as she came squealing.

Luckily, her friend and our roommate did not wake up, but we took a shower right after, and when we came out, the guy was in bed sleeping already. We never told her friend one word of what happend, and I doubt she knows her date came all over her old best friends pussy while she slept in the room, but if she does, thats even hotter.