Fucked for first time outdoors in a national park

Fri, 07/26/2013 - 22:51 -- Anonymous (not verified)

My current partner I’ve been with for almost three years now, in recent times life has been fun but sadly too busy for us to have sex as and when we’d like…we don’t like to rush these things. She is a 5’6 British born woman with Italian and greek roots, she has big brown eyes, long lashes, olive skin an athletic figure and her ass is just perfect for grabbing handfuls of.

We travelled by car to the coast of England, with the intention of camping, exploring and anything that takes our fancy. We needed to get away from it all for a time as things had been quite hectic, the journey there was pretty eventful but once we got to the camp site we settled in quickly. The next couple of days were spent on the beach and exploring, we had settled into the holiday mood, not looking forward to the drive back so making the most of the sun. When that day came to head back, we decided to make a day of it instead of waking up and driving for home early. We pass through a national park along the way and due to the heat we decided to stop in the hills and admire the view. It was picture perfect…she was stood at the gate looking at the hills across the valley in her little red top and short shorts. Her ass looked good enough to eat as she arched over the fence. I have to mention now that I hadn’t even pleasured myself for almost a week, we also hadn’t had sex for over a week, naturally I got hard. I think it was the fact it was deadly silent there too, only the warm sunny country side and her figure tempting me to get dirty. I stood by the car trying to hide my erection like a bashful school kid, I didn’t know if she’d be interested right now. She came towards me and put her cigarette out on the ground as she did, I grabbed her hips and pulled her in close, leaning back on the car. We kissed passionately and she quickly changed her kissing to a very slutty technique. She pushed against me harder and felt the hardness through my denim, she pulled away and looked me in the eyes. We had talked about hopping over a fence for an outside fuck…and apart from that one time in the darkness of tree’s (Stranger in the park story) this would be my first time doing it outside.

The barbed wire kept us from climbing over the lower fences, so we decided to jump in the car and follow the single lane country road slowly until we found a good spot. We could see villages below us but honestly there wasn’t a soul for a mile plus…I felt like this is the perfect place. We saw a sign for a footpath to the right, I ducked in a layby and switched the engine off. We giggled like kids as we exited the car and made off up the path over the fence up the dirt track. Holding her hand as we stomped further up the hill, I spotted a broken part of barbed wire above the stone wall and decided there and then that’s the place we go. We both climbed over and walked up the lush green field further, so the horizon of the field hid us well from the road.

Laying the blanket down on the grass near the trees we led next to each other, eagerly groping and kissing with excitement. She undid my jeans, slid them down a little and hungrily swallowed my cock which I spotted leaked a little before she even got there. She obviously felt at ease with this with the way she wiped my hard cock around her sweet soft lips, I reached over and started to undo her shorts. She helped me get them down a little and when I touched her down there she flinched, gasped and sunk her throat over the head of cock trying to gag herself on it. When she came up, I still had my hand in her panties, she lay back on her elbows and pulled her top open revealing her breasts, I obliged and gently lapped at her nipples. She arched her back as I did this, asking me to make her cum…I slowly stroked her wet pussy, kissed her neck and breasts as I did. As we played for a while I took a moment to look around, such a surreal experience being on a sunny hill in a national park looking at beautiful countryside and having sex. No one was around so I decided it was time to give her what she wanted.

I pulled my jeans down to my ankles and pulled her hand onto my cock. Without command she turned on her side and pushed her apple bottom out towards me, angling her soaking pussy at my cock. She took the whole thing in one slow satisfying thrust, whimpering as my balls met her clit area. Now with one hand around her front and being impaled on my thick shaft, she pushed backwards hard and fast trying to make herself cum. It didn’t take long and as I held onto her sweaty body she let out some loud moans, biting her lip trying not to scare the wildlife. Her dripping wet cunt just felt perfect for fucking and so I pushed her down and just gave her what I had left…she didn’t let up, taking everything I had, wanting more. Eventually I felt like cumming, I felt a little awkward at first but her moaning got me close…she turned her head around to try and kiss me, as I did she said she wanted to swallow me. I told her she better be ready because I was brimming, almost a week with no release is going to take some doing. She pulled off me and shifted herself to swallow my cock, I saw her brown olive skin around her mouth glistening in the sun from the previous cock wiping around there.

As she went down she pulled at the base and opened her mouth, using her throat to do the rest. I released what at first seemed like a smaller load, I came in a torrent and she tried her best to deal with it…she swallowed but it kept coming, another full load emptied in her mouth. She gulped again and came up for much needed air, which from what she described tasted pretty sweet.

We didn’t take much time throwing clothes back on and scrambling for the car, no idea why we rushed but it certainly felt good.