Do you want it in your ass?

Fri, 12/14/2012 - 15:51 -- Anonymous (not verified)

Today I went out for lunch with a friend, and this happened. It started out innocent enough. We were happy to catch up at the nearby Chipotle, where we sat and talked for almost two hours. Towards the end of our meal I asked him if he’d pierce my nipples again, vertically this time. He said he’d have to take a look and see if it was possible. I could see him glancing at my tits but trying to focus on my face. I’d whip em out right here for you, babe, I joked. Let’s get out of here before you get into some trouble, he replied with a naughty smile.

We got into his car and immediately started kissing. I need to suck your cock, I murmured into his mouth. Right here? He asked. I responded by diving for his zipper and eagerly shoving his cock into my mouth. I pushed it to the back of my throat and gagged on his cock, the way I know he likes it. You are such a good girl, he mumbled, sort of under his breath. It made me smile. I felt his hands grabbing at my panties and pulling them aside.

He shoved a finger into my soaking wet pussy and pressed hard on my g-spot. He stuck another finger inside my ass, making me gasp and groan with pleasure. I really need to fuck you, he says, looking down at me, right in the eyes. I’d been thinking the same, I replied. He pulled me off of his cock and started rubbing my clit through the thin material of my panties. He then started driving. I knew we were headed to his place, but I didn't think he would relentlessly attack my clit for the entire 20 minute car ride. I came hard, one orgasm after the other, soaking the my panties and the seat beneath me.

We got to his place and he kissed my nose and calmly commanded me to take my top off. I obeyed. He grabbed one of my nipples and pulled hard, all the while kissing me hard on the mouth. Get on the bed, came another order. It was my turn to temporarily take control, as I mounted his cock facing away from him. I could hear his enjoyment over my own. He had a great view of my ass bouncing up and down, so I couldn’t blame him. He eventually stuck a finger in my ass, adding to the immense pleasure I already felt with him fully inside of me.

Do you want it in your ass? I responded quickly with a Yes, Sir. He pulled out of me and I gasped at the empty feeling. Fill me again, please, I begged. He shoved it inside of my ass in one smooth motion and I screamed with pain and pleasure. He then stood at the side of the bed and demanded, Suck it, slut. I hungrily took his thick cock down my throat while he stroked my hair and whispered accolades.

After he’d had his fill of fucking my face, he told me to get on the bed and spread my legs. He came up in front of me, and told me to spit on his cock. I did, making it nice and wet for my asshole. I put my legs over his shoulders and he plowed into me, making me scream so much that he smacked me in the face. Hit me again, I pleaded. He put his hand around my throat and smacked me with the other, all the while fucking me as hard as he could.

He eventually came in my ass. I feel used and abused and wonderful.