Birthday Sex for My Girlfriend on Her Balcony

Fri, 07/19/2013 - 23:17 -- Anonymous (not verified)

I took my girlfriend out to dinner for her 21st birthday. Afterword, we stopped by a few bars for her first legal drink. It was a little bit warm and a bit humid; much nicer than a typical winter night in the desert. We arrived back at her apartment at around two in the morning, but of us tired.

We got into bed and were both soon quickly asleep; however, when we begin to fall asleep without having had sex, she tends to catch a second wind and wake me back up with busy hands. Yet this night was a little bit different. A bit after three, we both stirred a bit. I'm not sure how it happened, but we began to kiss lightly.

Light, gentle kisses soon gave way to hard passionate kisses. I ran my hands over her curvy figure. We breathed heavily. We both quickly succumbed to unbridled passion. The intense excitement and butterflies that become a bit rarer during sex as a relationship grows old flared up intensely. We were both immersed in each other.

I tore at her clothes. I slid her bottoms downs her legs and threw them across the room. I sat her up and unhooked her bra as we kept our lips locked. My breathe was gone. My cock was already rock hard. She took my shirt off. I took it from her and threw it at her wall. She laid me down and quickly ripped off my shorts and underwear. Again, I took them and flung them violently across the room.

She promptly set to work on my hard cock. She wrapped her wet lips around me and took four or five inches in her mouth. Her warm mouth felt incredible and my body spasmed. I ripped her off of me and threw her onto her back. I spread her legs and entered her hard with absolutely no resistance. She was slick and warm. She moaned hard and and wrinkled her cute, freckled brow in pleasure.

I put my chest against hers and wrapped my arms underneath her back and pulled her hard against me and I filled her with every inch. I kissed her hard and long as I moved in and out. Suddenly, she stopped me, looked at me sweetly and said, "Will you fuck me in my living room?" This caught me slightly off guard, because she is reserved and typically relies on me to lead; however, I did not hesitate. She was very excited.

I said nothing and pulled out of her. She shuddered. I stood up, grabbed her by the hand, and led her in the living room. I laid her down, kneeled, spread her legs, and entered her. I thrust hard and fast, my knees aching on the hard ground. She bounced back and forth from my force.

The ground quickly became too much for my knees so I stood up. I stood her up, pressed her back hard against her living room wall, lifted her right leg high and began to pound her into the wall. She moaned hard and loud with every thrust. I grabbed her thighs and lifted her off the ground and continued to pound her ass loudly against the wall. She wrapped one arm around my neck and clawed at my back with her other.

After two frenetic minutes, I set her down and said, "I have an idea."

I led her by the hand toward her balcony door. She hesitated at the door and said, "Outside?!"

I grinned, winked, and said, "Yes, outside."

She hesitated. I smiled, and said, "Don't worry sweetheart. It'll be fine."

Reluctantly, she let me guide her by the hand to her balcony. It was on the second floor and overlooked the parking lot. I took her to the back of balcony, away from view of anyone who might be walking or driving by at 3:30 in the morning.

The temperature was in the mid 70s and it was raining a gentle, cool mist. It was perfect.

She was nervous and skittish about being so exposed. I gently pushed her back against the wall. I entered her as I had against her living room wall and began to thrust slowly. Her doubts and nervousness melted away as pleasure and excitement overcame her. Her zeal quickly returned and she moaned and clawed at me as I pounded her into the wall. I pulled out of her. She was sopping wet. I spun her around and bent her over so and she steadied herself with her hands against the wall. I grabbed her narrow waist and pounded my hips against her ass. I could barely contain myself as I watched her boobs bounce around wildly and heard her moan.

I continued to pound. But soon, I decided to see how bold she would be. Although normally sweet and reserved, when she's excited she can become an sexual animal, a slave to carnal lust, a foul-mouthed slut.

I pulled out of her and led her quickly to the railing of her balcony, which overlooks the lot. It is about as high as her ribs when she stands upright. I put her back against it. She quickly became a bit nervous again.

"Someone will see us," she said meekly.

"So? I don't care. I like it." I grinned and winked.

Although she was clearly still hesitant, I could tell that the idea excited her. Again, I lifted her right leg and entered her hard. She moaned, and was lost in the moment. She threw her head and arms back over the railing. I thrust and thrust.

I knelt down and begin to lick her up. Every drop was mine to taste. I pressed my mouth hard into her and thrust my tongue into her. She quivered as the mist gently cooled and wet us. We could hear and see cars driving slowly by just below. Each time we grew more excited and the moment more intense. I pressed my tongue hard to her clit and licked vigorously. She came in my mouth and on my face. I rubbed her wet pussy all over my face.

I stood up and spun her around so that she bent over the railing. She no longer had any reservations. The cute little teacher now grew wetter and wetter at the thought of someone driving by and seeing her boobs bounce around as I pounded her against the railing. She tensed and quivered over and over again. She grew more an more bold and exposed herself as much as possible to anyone who went by.

I reached around her slender figure and cupped her right breast as I pounded her. I pinched and teased her nipple. She came hard and long. I could feel her grow wetter on my hard cock. I felt ecstasy. After a while longer and a couple orgasms more, we moved back to her bed and she finished me with her mouth.

She savored every last drop. We quickly fell into a long, deep sleep.

Every once in a while when she's excited, she lights to meekly bring up how sexy that night was.