A secret affair with my brother in law - to regret or not?

Wed, 05/15/2013 - 08:14 -- Anonymous (not verified)

I have been married for five years to a wonderful man but somehow him being a workaholic has not helped in our relationship at all. He is always on a business trip and he always goes home late. Having a 3 year old daughter and a business has kept me busy which somehow has helped me cope with my loneliness but somehow, sometimes I still feel like I'm lacking. My brother in law and his fiance live about two blocks away. He is younger than my husband and is somewhat more free spirited than he is. Somehow I admire that about him and because of that admiration, I feel like sometimes I have a crush on him. I ignored that feeling until one day I was near his home and decided to drop by to invite him for dinner so that we might discuss his brother's surprise birthday party. After ringing the doorbell, he opened the door half naked and sweaty as if he just finished working out. It was my first time to see him like that and I didn't know he had muscles to die for. I blushed and was embarrassed as I tried my best to stare but it was too hard to do so. After an awkward moment of trying not to ogle him, he let me in.

He dressed up in a shirt but the image of him half naked earlier has been imprinted in my head. I just couldn't seem to concentrate. I told him about my plans for his brother's birthday and as he sat next to me, I felt the heat radiating from his body. His scent was very masculine. It was only then that I realized that I haven't had any sexual contact with a man for so long. Somehow I felt like he knew it and was taking advantage of it. One of his hands was suddenly in my thigh. His palm was hot against my skin. I looked at him as he continued to rub my skin there making my skirt ride up to half of my upper thigh. I wanted to refuse him but somehow I lusted for something. His eyes were locked on to mine and before I knew it, he was talking naughty to me and I was responding. This was foreplay and I was getting caught up in it. He started kissing me and we were literally making out. He started undressing me and I let him. We were in the living room and the doors were locked. His fiance was at work and won't be home until tonight. We had the whole house to ourselves and we knew it.

I was only wearing my underwear when we were down the fur rug and as his hard body was pressing against mine, I realized that there was something else that was hard that wanted to be inside me. We were both holding on to each other as if were lovers who haven't seen each other for a long time but we weren't. His lips kept on kissing mine as it went down to my neck then down to my cleavage. He unclasped my brassiere revealing my big breasts and my pink nipples to him. I remembered that his fiance didn't have big breasts and decided to flaunt what was mine to make him want more of it. I succeeded and before I know it, he was sucking on to my nipples, nipping at them as he kneaded them while planting soft kisses at them. I moaned in abandon. His name I uttered so naturally. I was spreading my legs for him without him even ushering me to do it. He was too distracted with my bosom that he has forgotten that there was another sweet spot to be explored. He pulled his underwear off only to reveal his massive erection in front of me. It was so hard and eager and I couldn't resist licking my lips as I ogled it.

He placed his erection in between my cleavage and pumped on it as if it was my tight sheath. He asked me to make it tighter as I held on to both sides of my breasts while pinching my nipples. I moaned and he groaned. I was getting wetter by what was happening and getting more mindless as we continued to do sinful deeds. He asked me to stop but I could see that pre-cum has already escaped the swollen head of his cock. I licked it without hesitation and he was surprised by it. He removed himself from on top of me and concentrated on the real prize. My panty was drenched as he removed it from me. He smelled my sex as I let my legs fall open for him while he examined it. I blushed but before I could feel more conscious than I already was, he started kissing my inner thighs until he reached my slit. His tongue licked me tentatively and I couldn't help but moan with satisfaction. His tongue was hot against my skin and I craved for more. He urged me to spread my legs wider as he positioned himself comfortably in between my thighs.

I showed him that I was flexible enough as I split my legs in front of him. He was pleased by this as he knew he would be able to access every single part of me inside. He licked me as if he was addicted to my taste and I moaned like I wanted more and more of him. He placed two of his fingers inside of him as his tongue continued to do wicked things to me. I was undulating my hips for him as I couldn't help but tell him I want more. He was so turned on by what I said that he kneelt in front of me and plunged his erection inside of me without hesitation. His cock was huge but he brutally thrusted all of it inside me at once. I cursed but he didn't budge. He just kept on pumping inside of me. As if not contented by our position, he carried me to the coach and asked me to bend down before him. I did and he did me doggy style. It was my favorite position and it was like he knew it. He held on to my breasts as he continued impaling me. My legs were starting to feel like jelly as I continued to come for him. My sheath was so wet and slick for him, I just couldn't stop.

As if knowing how fatigued I was, he told me to let him sit on the coach as he asked me to sit on top of him. As I did, sliding h my sex has become easier to me. It was as if my sex has become accustomed to his size. He indulged himself with more of my breasts as I rode him like my life depended on it. We came instantaneously and our orgasms rocked our world. I sagged on top of him. We were both unmoving as our sweaty bodies felt like we were one. We both showered after that and somehow we both felt guilty because of what we did. We promised never to do it again even if we both admitted that what happened was the best sex that we both had. We decided to forget about it. My husband's birthday came and we saw each other then. It was as if nothing happened between us. Everything went as planned but the encounter happened once again and as we both try to ignore each other, the more it happens. My family and I moved into a new country now and because of that, it is impossible to see my brother in law now. Somehow I feel relieved that I am because I feel guilty about everything but my lust has become my weakness. I just hope that I won't get to see him again when we visit the country next year otherwise, the cycle might just end up repeating itself. Some things are just not meant to be.