i'm a genius :)

Mon, 07/08/2013 - 23:43 -- amber

sometimes after sex, even really good sex, i want to get off one more quick time, but i always worried about making my husband feel bad, like he didn't satisfy me. because he did satisfy me...i'm just greedy and if i can have one more orgasm, i want to have it :) so one night i did, but i tried using a slightly different approach...

i was high and feeling all kinds of vocal so i'd been talking dirty anyway (which he was loving). after we both got off (and he came inside me) i started idly touching myself. he said something like, "wasn't quite enough for ya?" and i responded with "no, it was amazing...i just really like playing with myself when i'm filled with your cum (which is true - it's perfect lube and keeps everything nice and slippery)." well he thought that was super hot, and now he encourages my post sex play, and often he'll assist with some nipple attention, choking (what can i say, i'm into that sort of thing), kissing, etc. it's perfect....i get another orgasm, he thinks it's hot and doesn't feel like his performance was sub standard. sometimes it even turns him on enough that we end up going for another round. really, everybody wins :)

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