Thu, 01/31/2013 - 10:20 -- Anonymous (not verified)

I loved my girlfriend and even intended to marry her but I couldn't resist the desire to look at her hot best friend longingly. He wondered what it would be like to be with her even just one night. Her best friend was a more adventurous and promiscuous type. She is definitely the opposite of my girlfriend who is more prim and proper and conservative. I like her the way she is but sometimes I wonder what it would be like to be with her. Angie was her name and somehow whenever she's around, I feel like blushing. Her revealing blouses and her skimpy skirts along with her red lips and high heels were just too provoking for me.

One day while my girlfriend was away on a convention for the weekend, I was left alone in our apartment playing my video games. It was 3 PM that Saturday and I was bored. Apparently, I have gotten used to the fact that my Jessica is here. I ordered a box of pizza for my late lunch and decided to browse the web. It wasn't long before I found myself browsing porn websites. I missed my girlfriend and it seemed reasonable to just touch myself while she was away. Suddenly as I was in the middle of a good indecent movie, the door bell rang. I panicked. I minimized the window on my screen. I was in a hurry that I didn't realize that my fly was open. I opened the door to see Angie in a tight spaghetti strap dress that hugged her figure well. It emphasized her big breasts and her small waist. Her high heeled shoes made her legs look long and immaculate. I gasped as I did not want to get turned on right now. I was alone and was weak. She smiled at me. She looked tempting.

Being a gentleman that I was, I let her in. She has been there countless times yet never just with me. It was like bringing another woman into your home without your wife knowing it. Except my girlfriend is her bestfriend and she likes hanging out with her a lot here. I offered her something to drink and some of my left over pizza. I asked her what she was doing there and she simply asked for Jessica. When I told her that she wasn't there, she pouted. Damn! Her lips looked full and ready to be kissed. It seems she wanted to go shopping with her. Since I had nothing better to do today, I decided to volunteer myself for the task. Since Jessica often told me that I should socialize with her friends more, here I am doing it now. If only she knew why I didn't like hanging out with Angie. After exchanging a couple of funny stories during dinner time, we decided to come home. She left her car at my place and I used my car instead as it had more room than hers. It suddenly started to rain as we were unloading what she bought from inside my car. We were able to save what we shopped for but unfortunately, we got wet due to the rain.

Laughing, we went up my home and decided to just change with one of the clothes that she bought. As we entered my home, the mood suddenly changed. There was tension between us. Suddenly, she became aggressive. She started kissing me and I couldn't push her away. Our bodies were both wet and her hands held on to the hem of my jeans. She unbuttoned it in an instant. I wanted to stop her but I wanted her badly too. My erection agreed with me. As she undressed in front of me, she made sure I got a taste of her breasts. I sucked on to them hard, flicking my tongue on her pink nipples. She moaned and as she unzipped my jeans, I let her do what she wanted to do. She whispered to me that she wanted to do 69 with me. I humbly obliged. She tasted sweet and I couldn't stop licking her there. I licked her clitoris skillfully and even used my fingers inside her. She came all over my mouth. She was skillful with her mouth as well although she knew when to stop.

As if prepared, she got a condom from her purse. I didn't bother to ask why she had one. She placed it in my penis with her mouth and I groaned as she released it. Her mouth was hot and tight. She made me sit on the couch as she straddled me. Her slit was wet and ready for me. As my penis slipped inside her, she moaned and I groaned. It was hot and tight like her pretty mouth. I couldn't help but buck to her which made her smile. She moved slowly at first, building up the momentum and as we enjoyed ourselves in that stormy night, she quickened the pace. Before I knew it, I was matching her pace, our breaths were erratic when suddenly, we came in unison. She sagged on top of me and removed the condom from where it was placed. I stood up and decided to dispose of the evidence. I felt guilt afterward but she kissed me as she saw the frown on my face. She promised she won't tell. I asked her why she slept with me. She said it was because she has always been attracted to me right from the start, she just couldn't snatch him away from her best friend. She said she is happy that Jessica is with me and that she will never do anything to advance on me again. I felt relieved but torn. I just had one of the wildest nights of my life. It is one of my darkest secrets.

Jessica and I are married now but even up to this day, she doesn't know about what happened between me and Angie. Good thing, she is happily married now too and is living in Singapore. We have both kept in touch but we have never spoken about what happened to us that night again ever. It was as if it never happened. How thankful I was for that.