3 Random Sex Positions for You Tonight

This party dance just got raunchy. The “YMCA” position is one that is fun, feisty, and incredibly gratifying once you get in to it. While it requires a lot of strength and flexibility to get in to for the woman, it is a great cunnilingus position that will make her toes curl. Who needs dancing when you can have sex?

This position is achieved by the woman supporting herself on her elbows and keeping her body vertical as she spreads her legs as wide as possible to give ample access to her vagina. The man should sit and wrap his legs around her arms and his arms around her waist to help support her in this position while he performs oral sex on her, making sure not to be too vigorous so that she does not fall down and get hurt in any way.

You’ll never have to go to the club again after your lady learns this little trick. The “Lap Dance” position is intensely erotic, mimicking the movements of an actual dancer, making it as real of a simulation as possible with the woman you love (or have sex with).

To get in to the “Lap Dance” position, the man should sit on a chair or couch with a back, his legs slightly spread to welcome the woman on to his lap. She should then sit on his lap, facing away from him, slowly having him penetrate her. The man’s movements are incredibly restricted in this, so it is up to the woman to really get things off. Whether she be rocking back and forth, grinding, or gyrating, this position will still be as sexy as ever.

Turn on some sexy music and unleash that side of both of you that you didn’t know existed.

A cousin to the “Deep Stick” position, the “Deep Impact” is an easier to do position because it does not put as much stress on the male.

To get ready for some deep impact (oh yes, pun intended), the woman should lay on her back on the bed, her rear near the edge of the bed with her legs spread apart. The man should then get between the woman’s legs and put them on his shoulders as he kneels down to insert himself in to her. For stability, he should grab on to the woman’s haunches as he thrusts so that no one slides away during the process. If the woman feels so inclined, she should arch her back to grind her pelvis against her man to add some clitoral stimulation to the act.

As this position’s name implies, the man can give himself to the fullest extent in this position because nothing is blocking his way.