3 Random Sex Positions for You Tonight

A twist on the regular “Cowgirl” position that has become a staple for the bedroom, the “Asian Cowgirl” adds an exercise feature for the woman by having her do squats the entire time. Genius!

The “Asian Cowgirl” position starts with the man on his back on the bed, waiting for his woman to mount him. When the woman climbs on top of him, she will be on him in a squatting position, placing her hands on his shoulders for extra support while the man reaches underneath the woman and places his hands on her haunches to help lift her every time she moves. With feet planted in a firm straddle position, this position restricts movements a little, making the woman push harder to achieve the same pleasure she normally would, which makes it all the better for her. While it may be a little strange at first, this position is one that will have you truly appreciating each other’s bodies more as you will feel and see them more.

Despite its name, the only thing maddening about this position is how absolutely crazy it will drive the woman when you begin to lick and pleasure her. This cunnilingus position is one that will make you fully appreciate your lover and their oral skills.

To create the Cuckoo’s nest, the woman should stand next to a couch, propping one foot up on its cushions while the other is firmly on the floor. The man should then come up underneath her and sit down so that his face is aligned with her pelvis at the perfect angle to look up and lick. Because the woman’s hands are free, she can aid in her own pleasure by stimulating herself as much as she wants as she looks down to see her lover at work. This is a great position for those who really love to give or receive oral sex.

In the “Viennese Oyster” position the woman lays on her back with her lower back and legs raised all the way up by bending at the waist so that their ankles are crossed behind their own head. The exact end position will depend on the flexibility of the woman and her comfort level. This position exposes the pelvis to the man who lays atop the woman to thrust in to her. The man moves in a way that creates friction on the woman, which gives her clitoral stimulation as well as vaginal. The man should use his hands to support his weight so as not to crush the woman underneath him.

This position requires considerable flexibility on the part of woman, but the total exposure of the position creates a sort of kinkiness that will drive her wild. Couples that are less flexible should still attempt this position, but always stop at the point where the position starts to become uncomfortable so as to not exert yourselves too much.