3 Random Sex Positions for You Tonight

This position has all the pleasures of a lap dance plus the extra bonus of being able to penetrate deeper than before with the woman’s legs spread wider.

For this position to groove, the man should sit on a chair or couch with a back, his legs slightly spread. The woman should then climb on to his lap, facing away from him, in a kneeling straddle so that her genitals connect with his. The woman has all control in this position as she chooses to grind, gyrate, or thrust to get the man (and herself) off.

There are, however, some pitfalls to this position. Because the woman’s legs are so splayed, her thighs may get tired easily, making it a harder position to maintain for very long. Also, this position actually runs the risk of having too deep of penetration, although this is easily remedied by simply having the woman lift up her pelvis slightly to lessen the impact.

I don’t think there is a man in this world that could complain about his partner saying “relax and just let me give you a nice blow job.” The “Suplex” position for him is a great way to show your man just how much you love him.

To get in to this position, the partner should sit on the couch, spreading their legs wide so that it is easy to bend at the waist. At the foot of the couch, the man should lay on his back, his legs extended in the air. The partner should then grab his legs and pull them forward, sliding him across the floor until only his shoulders are touching the floor and his legs are around his partner. They should then proceed to pleasure him in any way they want – teasing him or getting straight to the point. Because the receiving man has absolutely no power in this position, he just has to wait for the surprise!

Whoever said just sitting around all day was a bad thing obviously never learned this position.

With some crazy upside-down action going on, this position may look like a marvel at first, but it actually requires little effort to achieve, making it the perfect trick to try with your long-term lover to spice things up or really wow someone new in bd. Sit on the edge of an elevated surface – a bed, a chair, etc.. Then, pull your partner on to your lap, taking their legs and pulling them up to rest on your shoulders and then embracing your partner by the waist.

Your partner can support his or herself by wrapping their legs around your neck and by resting their hands on the edge of the bed. These supports are crucial to the success of this position. But after that, just sit back and enjoy… and whatever else, don’t forget to reciprocate the favor!