3 Random Sex Positions for You Tonight

Looking for some serious penetration tonight? Look no further. The “Deep Stick” position is some of the deepest penetration you can achieve during sex.

To get in to the “Deep Stick” position, the woman should lie on her back on the bed, her legs spread eagle to invite her man between them. The man should then get on to the bed in to a low kneeling straddle, pulling the woman’s legs on to his shoulders so that they don’t get in the way and he can penetrate her further. While holding her legs so that they don’t fall down, the man should thrust deeply in to his woman. If this somehow isn’t enough to get her off, her hands are free to give herself a little bit of manual stimulation of the clitoris to aid things along.

Height differences? Not a problem. Grab a pillow and you have an easy fix!

This position is incredibly intimate and loving… and pleasurable, let’s not forget that!

To get in to the “Cradle” position, the man should kneel on the bed, his legs together to make it easier for the woman to get her legs around him. The woman should then lay down on her back, her legs around, then lift herself up on all fours so she is up like a bridge, pressed against the man’s body. To support her in this position, the man should place his hands on the woman’s haunches. As the man thrusts in to the woman, the woman should grind against the man, adding a second dimension of pleasure that is sure to rock you to orgasm. Because this position is somewhat strenuous on the arms for the woman, it may not be sustainable for very long, although it is worth every bit of time spent in it.

Longing to feel like a horny teenager again? Are you still a horny teenager? Well then check out this classic sure to add some spice to your popcorn!

Remember sitting in the movie theatre and trying so desperately to do the yawn and stretch to get your arm around your date? I bet you never thought about trying to get them to give you some good old fellatio in the middle of the theatre. But times have changed and this position shows it! Sitting side by side, all your partner has to do is unzip your pants and have a go at it. The sideways angle will provide an entirely new sensation to the blow job experience. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show – both the one in your lap and the one on the screen in front of you! This position can be taken literally to the movies (assuming no one else is there) or just done at home in front of the television. Versatility!