3 Random Sex Positions for You Tonight

An easier variation of the well-known “Scissors” position, the “Seated Scissors” is an equally pleasurable and erotic experience for you and your lover to attempt whenever you’re looking to really add some spice to your sex life. Why settle for mediocre sex when you can “Scissor” the night way together?

Seated Scissors still utilizes an inter-crossing of lovers' legs, but is easier to perform because sexual partners have more leverage to move, owing to a more upright seated position. Moreover, the woman leans slightly forward over the other lover's leg, which further facilitates comfort, movement - and of course, pleasure!

By pushing and pulling on the woman’s knee, the man can easily direct the pleasure that both he and his partner receive. However, because the woman now has a free hand, she can very easily control her own stimulation by masturbating as they thrust together, doubling her chances of orgasm.

They always say that the sequel is worse than the original, and that the third shouldn’t even be made, but we’re guessing that these critics never tried the “Mastery” position series in their bedrooms, otherwise they’d be singing a different tune. This position is a bit more tricky than its prequels, but it is just as pleasurable.

To get in to this position, the man should sit on a bed or couch, his feet on the floor and his legs spread to allow better support for his woman. The woman should then mount him, spreading her legs on either side of his body. After she is on him, the man should support the woman as she leans back with her back arched, keeping herself suspended in the air as she grinds against his body, allowing for easier and deeper penetration. The woman can drop her hands to the floor for support or simply trust her man and hold his hands as he helps her along.

You never knew there were so many variations on the classic Doggy Style, did you? The “Bulldog” is simple and to the point… and a lot of fun.

To get in to this position, the woman has to crouch down on all fours on the floor, her legs held firmly together in order for her man to straddle them. The man should then come up behind her and position himself in a standing squat above the woman, straddling her body and lowering himself down until their genitalia are level. He should then proceed to enter her and grab her haunches in order to push and pull her as he pleases, allowing for more control. Because the woman’s legs are closed in this position, it is harder to thrust in to her but the fit is also much tighter, a benefit to both people. This position will leave you howling for more.