3 Random Sex Positions for You Tonight

Longing to feel like a horny teenager again? Are you still a horny teenager? Well then check out this classic sure to add some spice to your popcorn!

Remember sitting in the movie theatre and trying so desperately to do the yawn and stretch to get your arm around your date? I bet you never thought about trying to get them to give you some good old fellatio in the middle of the theatre. But times have changed and this position shows it! Sitting side by side, all your partner has to do is unzip your pants and have a go at it. The sideways angle will provide an entirely new sensation to the blow job experience. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show – both the one in your lap and the one on the screen in front of you! This position can be taken literally to the movies (assuming no one else is there) or just done at home in front of the television. Versatility!

Face getting a little cold? Well she’s getting a little hot and I know just how you can make both of you very happy.

The “Ear Muffs” position is a great cunnilingus position that allows the woman’s partner to really go at it while receiving clear signals from the woman on how she likes their performance.

To get in to this comfortably cozy position, the woman should get on the bed first, laying on her side diagonally across the bed to provide room for her partner. She should then lift her leg to invite her partner underneath it, to which her partner should lay diagonally across the bed in the opposite direction with their face between her legs. After this, the creativity kicks in on how the partner wishes to pleasure their woman. But if things get too wild (or aren’t wild enough) the woman can signal to her partner what she wants more of by squeezing her legs around their head, a gentle yet sexy reminder.

We all need a good screw here and there. This position is aptly and bluntly named for its purpose. The “Screw” is a great way to mix things up and really begin to enjoy each other in the bedroom by varying how you give and receive pleasure.

The woman should first lay at the edge of a bed, curling her knees to her chest with her vagina being clearly exposed to the outside. The man should then come up behind her and kneel at the side of the bed to thrust in to her, holding on to her legs so that she does not slip and fall. The woman’s closed legs will only allow for a shallow penetration, but the tightness of this will be phenomenal. Because of the woman’s rounded position, she can rock in place as her man thrust in to her in a screw-like motion, allowing herself to feel him at every angle, increasing her pleasure ten-fold.