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Possessiveness or Suffocation: There's A Thin Line Between Cute Possessiveness and Caging

Possessiveness, how much the word seems complicated while reading, the real life implication of this word is far more complicated that just reading it out!

Things You Shouldn't Say In Bed
Things You Shouldn't Say In Bed

This might not have been a problem to you but perhaps it was to some. It has happened to most men and fewer women.

Choosing a Pleasure Swing
Choosing a Pleasure Swing

Pleasure swings are used in sex to secure one partner off of the ground. The swing may be used in a variety of positions and for any combination of partners.

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Rear Entry Family


Put on your apron and start a cake, we promise

Bent Spoon

Remember the “Acrobat?” This move is a slight,


This sex is anything but militaristic.

69 Family

The Original 69

Although the original 69 position has been modi

69 Kneeling

Warning: Not for the weak of back.

69 Standing

This trick is not for beginners.

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