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What I learned about awesome sex

After a failed 26 year marriage, I entered the world of dating as a naïve 48 year old who hadn’t had a date since Ronald Reagan was President.

Time to Take a Break

Couples do take breaks. Let us start there. It is done and it is done successfully, though not always. The question is why?

Hands Free Ways To WOW Your Partner
Hands Free Ways To WOW Your Partner – Part 1

We need our hands for many things. Whether they are important or not really so important things. In fact, experts say that because we use our hands so much during sex.

Video of the Day

Rear Entry Family

Frog Leap

Remember when boys and girls used to play leap

Booster Seat

If we haven’t yet corrupted everything from chi


This sex is anything but militaristic.

69 Family

69 Standing

This trick is not for beginners.

69 Sitting

Whoever said just sitting around all day was a

Golden Gate

A fair warning: only try if you or your female

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