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Compatibility Doesn't Always Lead to Happy Endings

Every one of us has our own definition of love.

How to Incorporate Sex Toys With Your Partner

Keeping your sex life fresh and exciting is a dilemma every couple will face at some point (or multiple points). Just like a relationship, sex takes work, creativity and passion.

Understanding his Kissing Patterns
Understanding his Kissing Patterns

Did you know that one can easily tell a lot from a simple kiss?

Video of the Day

Rear Entry Family

Ben Dover

Caution: Only try this at home, kids.

Fire Hydrant

This position has a leg up on “Doggy Style”… li


With a misleading name, the “acrobat” position

69 Family

69 Sideways

This position is the oral ideal.

The Original 69

Although the original 69 position has been modi


This party dance just got raunchy.

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