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Tips to make your Valentine’s Day special
Tips to make your Valentine’s Day special

Choosing the Valentine’s Day gift is not less than any challenge, everyone on this day wants to celebrate it in a different and unique way as compare to the celebration they had in past years.

Cool Sex for Hot Weather

Summer is here. For many of us that means that the weather is becoming hotter and more humid.

How to get her interested in you - Part 2

In the first part of this article we went through the very initial steps to set up a romantic mood between you and that person you´re so fond of… now it´s time to see how you can seize the oppo

Video of the Day

Rear Entry Family

Rear Entry

This position isn’t very lovey-dovey, but it is

Bent Spoon

Remember the “Acrobat?” This move is a slight,

Frog Leap

Remember when boys and girls used to play leap

69 Family

Inverted Hucklebuck

The Inverted Hucklebuck, also known as Inverted


This party dance just got raunchy.

69 Kneeling

Warning: Not for the weak of back.

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